The Melting Pot

$325,000 Capital Required

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One-of-a-Kind Dining Investment for Passionate Leaders

The Melting Pot® is more than just cheese and chocolate. We offer a unique, easy-to-operate restaurant franchise opportunity for leaders who are passionate about creating memorable guest experiences with each fondue pot. As a time-honored culinary tradition, fondue provides the foundation of our business. It brings people together to share distinctive experiences that are designed to be shared. Savored. And remembered.


The Melting Pot embraces that experience, as we have for more than 40 years. If you seek to serve others before serving yourself, to host moments of celebration and connection, and to lead by example, you are the ideal franchisee for our fondue restaurant franchise.



Be a Part of the Evolution of a Legacy Brand

As we continue to look ahead at emerging trends in dining out, we’re proud to introduce the evolution of our legacy brand. The reimagined concept will deliver an open design layout that invites guests to enjoy the restaurant across a much broader range of bar, dining, and celebration occasions. We have created multiple dining areas to provide guests their choice of atmosphere. The evolution also introduces innovative menu items that include cooked entrées, lunch options, small bites at the bar, and more. This innovation in design and menu drives revenue by giving our guests the option to dine how and when they like.


Dip into The Melting Pot

Guests of The Melting Pot choose our restaurant for its unique culinary combinations and the communal experience of sharing fondue. As a franchise owner, you’ll play host to celebrations big and small, from romantic anniversaries and joyful promotions to ordinary nights out that become extraordinary. Are you ready to be part of a restaurant brand that is much more than a meal? It’s experiential dining at its best!


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