Inta Juice

$75,000 Capital Required

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We just love smoothies!

With real fruit, 100% juice options, supplements, and veggie blends, we bring all of the best flavors and ingredients to a convenient location in your neighborhood.

We really do love what we do, and we have worked hard to find a team that is just as passionate about customer service as we are. No matter how busy we are, we engage with our customers, making sure they have a great experience each and every time they come to our store. Not only do we provide an unmatched level of service, but we have an amazing product, one that is both healthy and delicious. We don’t add any additional sugars or syrups, because the fruits, veggies and juices we use are perfectly blended to create a fantastic taste, every time.



It's what's on the inside that counts

If you are ever not satisfied with your drink from our juice bar menu, we will immediately try to fix that, because we don’t have a successful day unless every customer we serve is happy. In order to do this, we rely a great deal on your feedback, and are always open to hear suggestions, critiques and compliments. We have built a strong foundation with the best products because taste is a priority with us, and we want you to get the most from your smoothie.

We have received a lot from our communities, and so we have made a point to give back. With donations and work, we truly try to make the world a better place, one smoothie at a time.

Over 50 different smoothie combinations, fresh juiced veggies, wheatgrass, supplements, and super-fruit bowls - healthy choices have never tasted so good. Stop by and try out our smoothie shop today!




We have the passion and drive for delivering the best smoothies, bowls, and fresh juice products.  We value the quality of the products we serve; we value the communities we serve.  We have very high standards for the fruits we use, the juices we use, and we don’t use added fillers or syrups to make our smoothies taste great.  They are GREAT.   Excellence is what sets us apart from others, so we are always able to deliver the BEST smoothies, bowls, and juice products.

We will provide you with advice in identifying a suitable location; ultimate responsibility in choosing, obtaining, and developing the site is yours.  We do not guarantee the suitability or success of the accepted site.

Inta Juice will provide a full week of training, including classroom training and on-the-floor training.  (Franchisee is responsible for travel expense.)  We also offer ongoing franchise support. 

To be considered, our Franchise Candidate will preferably commit to spending 100% of your time in the day to day operation of your store to start.  We also ask you to fill out the website application.  A Franchise Sales Team member will reach out to you and get you started.   Be prepared to work really hard and put in a lot of time.  It’s a total commitment to your business, so make sure this is really what you want to do.  It can be challenging but incredibly rewarding.


  • Please keep me up to date on the latest franchise opportunities via email

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Denver, Colorado 80237