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$30,000 Capital Required

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Maybe you’re already a dryer vent expert. Or maybe you’ve never even considered the need for the service. Either way, the Dryer Vent Wizard® franchise opportunity is brimming with undeniable benefits.



Since our founding in 2004, Dryer Vent Wizard® has grown into the North American leader specializing in residential, business and multi-unit dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation. How? We offer the reliable, high-quality service and expertise our customers demand and a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs like you.

An Executive Ownership Model
You’re the boss. Manage your business and leave the technical work to your team of dryer vent service professionals.

Join A Team That Feels Like Family
Get into business with the backing of a powerful international brand in a needed service industry niche, but with the family-style culture you’d miss if you were anywhere else. 

Improve Your Lifestyle
Take control of your professional life with an opportunity to own one of the strongest brands in a surprisingly high-demand industry.



The Strongest Industry You’ve Never Heard Of

Only 30-40 years ago, the majority of North American homes were designed with the laundry room against an exterior wall, which meant quick and easy ventilation. More recently, builders began prioritizing homeowner convenience, moving laundry rooms nearer to the bedrooms. The result? Longer dryer vent ducts, a less direct path for airflow, and the perfect conditions for lint buildup and blockage.  Our niche industry was born.

A Hidden Need

Everyone knows their dryer’s lint screen needs cleaning after every load of laundry, but few realize the risk of lint accumulation and blockage in the vents. Our service calls usually come from homeowners seeing the effects of limited airflow through their dryer vents.

The Symptoms

- Excess lint buildup on clothes Longer drying times
- Dryer overheating 
- Dryer breakdown 



Streamlined Model - An easy-to-follow model with limited back-end work and increased speed to market

Three Distinct Revenue Streams - Owners can take full advantage of their territory with repeat business in residential, business and multi-unit service

Low Overhead, No Office Space Required - Home-based, executive model lets owners work from virtually anywhere

Dedicated Job Booking Center - Our scheduling center maintains high booking rates for all our franchise owners

Increasing Consumer Sales - As consumer education about servicing vents has increased, so has demand

Designated Territories in Prime Markets - We are the nation’s experts and we provide desirable markets throughout North America




The culture and camaraderie our individual franchise owners (Dryer Vent Wizards) bring to the business is part of what makes them want to stay in it for years. Our corporate culture is chock-full of what we call family feel.

Many Hands Make Lint Work

Our corporate team and franchise owners worked together to collect nearly a ton of dryer lint to tamp it into a 690-pound ball and set a Guinness World Record. Then… we set it on fire. (Supervised by our good friends at the Farmington Hills Fire Department.) That’s the kind of brand we are: we build connections in our communities. We support and share with each other. We look out for each other at every turn. And we have a blast while we do it!

The Bigger Picture – A Safer Home

While we’re having fun and doing good business, we and all our franchise owners know what getting the job done right means for homeowners’ safety and peace of mind. 



We Are a Neighborly® Company

With 40 years of collective experience, 17 leading franchise brands and over 10 million customers worldwide, Neighborly proudly empowers a network of over 4,500 franchise owners to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through unmatched business opportunities with attractive benefits.



We have prime territories still available throughout North America, but they’re going fast. We hope to connect with you soon to get you started! Fill-out the form now!



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